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"A name you can trust at a price you can afford"

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100% "All Natural" Insect Repellent

A safe and effective way to repel bugs with a blend of essential oils proven to keep those pesky bugs away!!

Our "All Natural" Insect Repellent  
contains no chemicals!

Say good riddance to mosquitoes, ticks, black flies, and other pesky bugs! One stick of our "ALL NATUARAL" repellent will last most adults one year. 

Testimonial :

Jessi sent us this email about our natural repellent:

"Thank you so much for this  product!! I used it once at work and didn't think it worked because I was still bothered. However, yesterday and today I applied more to my arms, legs and neck and I didn't get a single bug bite, nor was I bothered by pesky mosquitoes. 

I work as a gardener at a private estate, so I do a lot of various jobs in various areas including a large garden and the woods. Today my day started without this product and I was being attacked by mosquitoes.  So, I applied a liberal amount the insect repellent to my skin, anything that was showing. And for the rest of the day, I had no problems with the bugs. I didn't have to reapply even after it rained. 

Also, it doesn't smell bad, just like a citronella candle and it feels nice on the skin."