New England Shea Butter

"A name you can trust at a price you can afford"

New England Shea Butter proudly presents our newest line of extraordinary products for our Equine friends.  

Equine Shea Butter

  • Made with 100% Pure Shea Butter
  • Helps to heal cuts and abrasions and reduce scarring and scabbing.
  • Excellent for discouraging the formation of proud flesh.
  • Use as a balm for nursing mares to ease dry or sore teats.
  • Use as a treatment for cracked, dry hooves, scratches, or chapped skin.
  • Does not contain any chemicals.                                                                           
  • Made with essential oils and all natural herbal oils only.
  • Great for you and your animals
  • The Hoof Cream is an excellent foot and heel cream
  • The Equine Shampoo also works great on your hair. Promotes strong healthy hair.