Customer Testimonials

Sandra wrote this about our shea butter:
“I have only good things to say about your product, Shea Butter. I have tried so many different products that are full of promises. Since trying Shea Butter, I finally found a product that does do what it promises. My skin feels softer, moister, and I can use it around my eyes and even on my eyelids with no harmful effects. That's because your product is "pure". It is so difficult to find a pure product any more and to find one that works is even more remarkable.

I had the worst problem with dry skin on the bottom of my feet. I tried everything but nothing helped until I tried Shea Butter. Within one week, ALL of the dry skin had healed. Now that's a miracle! I've since bought jars of it for my sisters who tried some of mine and were so excited at how great it made their skin feel.”

Linda wrote this about our shea butter:
“Hi, I bought some shea butter at the Jazz festival. It is wonderful!”

Craig wrote this about our Raw African Black Soap:
“Yesterday I was in the store buying some Nubian Heritage Soap, and the gentleman in the store recommended the raw black soap. I used it last night and this morning on my face. That stuff is great!! Thank you!! I have dry skin and I've never been able to use "soap" on my face because it completely strips it and makes it very dry. The black soap cleaned thoroughly, but left my face feeling fantastic!
I took the person's advice and cut it in half. I can tell this is a smart move because the lather is unbelievable, and I'm sure it won't last long in the shower. Again, thanks for the tip! I'm looking forward to using something natural, effective, and inexpensive on my face instead of the pricey, chemical-laden, facial cleansers I've had to use in past.

In response to our customer service, Marie said:
“I thank you for your reply. In these times of customer dis-service it is refreshing to receive a response and a sincere apology to boot. I am truly floored!! I am looking to order 16 oz each of the raw yellow and raw white shea butters to try. I will check your Facebook page to see when you will be vending in a location commutable to me as I really want to meet you and shake your hand for your kind response. I look forward to doing business with you!!!

Kristen wrote this about our shea butter:
“I use it every day on my skin and hair. Awesome stuff!!”

Tammie-Jo wrote this about our shea butter:
“I was just introduced to this product and will never be able to live without it!!!”

Melissa wrote this about our shea butter:
“Glad you were here and I was lucky enough to witness for myself, the great benefits to the shea butter.“

Emlyn wrote this about our product and customer service:
“I am extremely pleased with the shea butter that I previously purchased at the 'Big E' in 2009 and regret that I didn't get around to ordering more sooner. Thank you for the wonderful products and the great customer service!

Jessi sent this in about our Buzz Off:
"Thank you so much for this product!! I used it once at work and didn't think it worked because I was still bothered. However, yesterday and today I applied more to my arms, legs and neck and I didn't get a single bug bite, nor was I bothered by pesky mosquitoes. I work as a gardener at a private estate, so I do a lot of various jobs in various areas including a large garden and the woods. Today my day started without this product and I was being attacked by mosquitoes. So, I applied a liberal amount of Buzz Off to my skin, anything that was showing. And for the rest of the day, I had no problems with the bugs. I didn't have to reapply even after it rained. Also, it doesn't smell bad, just like a citronella candle and it feels nice on the skin."

We just received this email from Linda:
"I sincerely appreciate your immediate response to my request for “yellow” Shea Butter. I am so grateful that you took my plea for help seriously and surprised me by sending the package Priority Mail. Your customer service is unmatched! This product has enabled me to reduce my Rosacea medication by 50%, once I began using it several years ago. Thank you again – Linda
Cindra (The Avon Representative) said:
"Hi,I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a small jar of your Shea Butter, at the Horse Expo in Timonium, MD, and I loved it! It made my dry feet feel & look better overnight! It stopped the itching of eczema on my foot as well. I needed a product without fragrance. Avon's products have some Shea Butter, but they also contain fragrance & other ingredients which does not help the eczema. I will use the insect repellent Shea Butter this coming summer".

Melissa explains about her experience with Shea Butter for her Psoriasis:
"Hi I bought the Shea butter at the Big E and you said it would help psoriasis. I have tried every over the counter ointment with no luck. The shea butter works!!!!!
I am 75% cleared up just in the last 6 months !!
thank you ! :)
sincerely Melissa"

Sherri explains how our Shea Butter helps her with Scleroderma symptoms:
"I bought 2 16 oz containers at the Big E and used every single drop of both. I had spoke to you that I believe i have a autoimmune disease called scleroderma which hardens the skin. I believe i am at the beginning stages of this disease and this has been so wonderful as it is all natural and no scent or ingredients and is very thick and due to this disease it absorbs so quickly but helps so much with the symptoms……..thank you so very much for your product. and I look forward to the next 2 containers."

Gloria says:
Hi. I attended the Apple Harvest Festival in Southington, Ct. The first weekend of October and was pleased to sample the shea butter at your booth. The salesman was charming and very knowledgeable about the product. I bought a small container of the yellow shea butter and a bar of the black african soap and I am very pleased with these two products. Within two days, the shea butter had cleared up a small rash that I had under my nose ( think it was dermatitis) and the black african soap has been a great body cleanser. I did break the bar in two since a small piece goes a long way. I will definitely buy more of this product as soon as I start to get low. Thank you for introducing both to me.

Brookfield, CT

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